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LIFE IS NICE AND ENJOYABLE WHEN YOU SHARE SOMETHING WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU..CHEER THEM..MAKE THEM LAUGH TOGETHER WITH YOU..do not underestimate others..everybody have their own weakness..principle always be in heart to have good personality..respect others..THAT IS THE REAL MEANING OF LIFE! :D

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Lama sungguh tak update blog.Sibuk(kalah menteri ka???).Done with Module 1,2 and 3.Final project pun menjelmalah.Sekejap ja rasa,macam baru masuk ja,baru MHS.Tup tup dah mid sem dah.Yang paling mengerikan,dah dapat final project.Cool..cool!

Nak share gambar Sekeping Victoria by Ng Seksan sebenarnya.Tak pernah tahu kewujudan tempat ni pun walaupun dah pernah pergi Penang.An old shophouse,bought by him,and restored.Now,it is more or less like a hostel,you can rent a room here at Sekeping Victoria,Lebuh Victoria,Georgetown,Penang. :D

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