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LIFE IS NICE AND ENJOYABLE WHEN YOU SHARE SOMETHING WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU..CHEER THEM..MAKE THEM LAUGH TOGETHER WITH YOU..do not underestimate others..everybody have their own weakness..principle always be in heart to have good personality..respect others..THAT IS THE REAL MEANING OF LIFE! :D

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Friday, April 15, 2011


bertemu lagi setelah menyepi buat sekian lamanya...rslt exam=5A+,2A,1A-,2B+...syukur ja lah wlaupn x lps nk apply mara/jpa..tp,skrg dh dpt temuduga utk institut perguruan..dh la x lepas interview uitm...wlaupn sedih,tp rezeki kn masing2..dh dtntukan oleh-Nya...bersyukur ja lah........=)